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When applying for a job in Fiji Curriculum vitae is a must and to get it perfect is hard. Here at vacancies in Fiji we have put together information on

These information and Curriculum vitae formats will help you in writing your own C.V.

Firstly why is a resume important to getting the perfect job in Fiji? Think of a CV as your first meeting with your future employer, with jobs first impressions matters so that’s why getting resume right is critical.

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How to write a CV in fiji

Knowing how to write a C.V. is the key to getting a job interview in Fiji. It is your key to getting in the door of that perfect job. A resume should have all the key ingredients like

To start with do your research and find out everything about the job and the employer, if possible get a name of the employer who will be going through your application. This will give you an opportunity to personalize the c.v. and instead of writing dear sir/madam you can say dear (employers name). Little things like this will make your application for a job in Fiji stand out more than the others and will give you a better chance of nailing your dream job.

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CV formats in Fiji

CV Formats in Fiji

There are many different CV formats that you when applying for vacancies in Fiji. In this article we will be going through two of the main resume format.  The two main Curriculum vitae format that we will be looking is

Deciding on which one to use will depend on your personal circumstance, if your are new to the job market then you can focus on writing a skills focused C.V as you will have not much work based experience.  If you have been in the work force for a long time then a Work focused CV should be considered.

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Curriculum Vitae Sample

Preparing your cv can be time consuming and bit daunting but with the help of curriculum vitae templates and samples you will be able to create your own resume in no time. If this is the first time you are creating a CV then the sample resume below will guide you in the basics of  how to write a curriculum vitae.


Basics of a Resume

Below is a resume sample that will give you an idea of what to write when creating your resume. One thing to keep in mind is the requirements of employers, read the job description and see what they want and write your CV accordingly.

Resume Template


We have sourced out some of the best CV examples and samples that are widely used in Fiji Islands. Use these samples to create your personal CV and get the job you want. 





CV Sample Fiji

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