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As of 2020 Fiji Islands has a minimum wage rate of $2.68 FJD for informal sectors like labourers and house maids and $3 FJD for anyone in the formal sector like salesperson and cashiers etc. The minimum wage rate in Fiji is just a guide to what business should be paying as a minimum to their workers. Most businesses offer above minimum rate to their workers in Fiji Islands.
The legal age to work in Fiji Islands is 15 years. You will have to be at least 15 years old in order to start full time employment in Fiji. This law came into effect in 2007 and is enforced by the labour inspectors. Employers who violate this law could face fines uto $50,000 FJD.
One of the best places to find jobs in Fiji Islands is vacancies in, here you will be able to find jobs from leading employers. Fiji Times is another good place to find job in Fiji Islands, it is one of the first established job classified platform in Fiji.
Vacancies in fiji is one of the best places to list your job openings. It allows locals to list their jobs for FREE for 60 days and has state of the art features to allow job approvals and applications. Job listings take only few minutes to load and it is one of the fastest growing jobs platform in Fiji Islands.
The best way to increase your chances of getting a job in Fiji Islands is to have a perfect CV. Your resume will the first thing that an employer will see and this needs to stand out from the rest. Put as much effort as possible to create a CV that will stand out from the rest of the applicants. Having the best resume will increase the chances of getting a good job in Fiji Islands.
Yes if you are a foreigners and want to work in Fiji, you will need a work permit. You will need to apply for a work permit before you start any sort of employment in Fiji Islands
In order to get a job in Fiji islands you will need an employer to provide you with a request letter. This request letter should include company details, position description, special requirements for the position and detailed justification for the need of the position.