Step by Step Guide to Getting Jobs in Fiji

Getting a job in Fiji Islands

Step 1 : Find a place to find Jobs in Fiji

Most of the jobs in Fiji are listed on either newspapers like Fiji times, Fiji sun or online sites like ours Vacancies in Fiji. When looking for jobs its best to check out these mediums daily and be ready to apply first things. The faster you apply the better chances of getting more attention to your applications. As the saying goes early birds get the worms

Best ways to find jobs are :

  • Check your local newspaper like Fiji Times
  • Check online sites like
  • Ask family, friends and neighbors
  • Contact business direct and ask if they have jobs in your sector
job search fiji islands

Step 2 : Find out About the Vacancies

Do your research on the types of jobs that will suit you best, the job that you will feel comfortable doing for the rest of your life. Think of the future, what job you will be happy doing in 5 or 10 years time and still be happy, the thing you are passionate about and can go on and on about.

Things to consider are :

  • Find out what sort of jobs are available in your area
  • Do you have the right qualifications and skills for the job you want?
  • How will you stand out from the rest of applicants (what is your X factor )

Creating a good CV is crucial as with any jobs in Fiji there will be 100’s if not thousands of applications for the same job. How will you make your CV stand out from the rest and get an interview for the job? Your CV is your first point of contact and this must be short simple and precise.

Things to consider when creating a CV in Fiji are :

  • First point of contact so make it count
  • Sort and simple ( 2 to 3 Pages )
  • Neatly presented
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • Check for grammatical errors
  • Write down all your skills and how these skills will be useful for the job you are applying for
  • Work experience
  • Most recent qualifications
  • Referees with current details
Make a plan to get you hired in Fiji

Step 3 : Social Media profiles

Most of the employers will check your social profile and find out more about you, so make sure your profile reflects who you want to portray to the employer. Check your profile before you apply for any jobs as this might be the difference of you getting a job or not in Fiji.

Things to Consider in your social media profiles are :

  • Clean your Facebook post, delete or update any stuff that you will be not be happy showing it to your employer.
  • Check all your social profiles online and sort out any things that will affect you getting the job. Better to be safe than sorry
  • Check your privacy settings etc

Step 4 : Applying for Jobs in Fiji

Applying for jobs in Fiji is going to take bit of time and effort, so be patient and don’t rush into it without careful thinking. Make sure to do your research and find out as much as possible about the job before you apply.

Things to consider when applying for jobs in Fiji are:

  • Read the job description fully and check the job requirements
  • Find out as much as possible about the job and the company
  • Prepare your resume to suite the job
  • Always keep a list of jobs you have applied for
  • Inform referees about the applications so that they are ready
  • Always send a cover letter with your CV explain why you will be the best candidate for this job

Getting jobs in Fiji is getting harder day by day, there are more graduates looking for jobs every year and not enough vacancies to go around, so when applying for jobs be prepared to get rejected and keep going until you get the job you want. Never give up think of every rejection as another opportunity.

Good Luck and happy job Hunting