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Useful features for Jobs seekers and Employers

This is a dedicated page both employers and employees can view to see the status of their job applications, select and upload a resume and view feedback. Check it out now !

Ability for job seekers to upload their resume. With our job platform users can upload multiple resumes. Upload your cv and let the employers find you. Check it out now !

Our job platform lets employers and job seekers login via their own login area dedicated to their needs. Job seekers login here and employers login here 

Email Notification

Job seekers and employers can stay updated on application processes with our built-in Email System. 

This helpful feature means members can access to their own favorite jobs without having to do more searching. They simply login and revisit their favorites list.

Profile Pages

All users can create their own profile page where they can give reasons why job seekers would want to join their company or why they should be hired as a new recruit.

Popular & Featured Jobs

Featured Jobs section gives more exposure to jobs that need urgent help. This is a great way to find new staff quickly for your business.

We have a built-in submission form so employers can create their own jobs and advertise to all job seekers. 

Apply For Jobs Online


We will guide you on how to apply for jobs with “Apply Now ” button on top of every job posted on vacancies in Fiji. It’s simple and only take about 30 seconds to apply. Please check the application details to see if online application is allowed before proceeding to apply using the Apply Now Button. 

Step 1 : Please register yourself on our website , it’s simple and only takes about a minute. 

Step 2 : Upload your CV in PDF format by going to the resume section

Step 3 : Click on the ” Apply Now ” button on top of the job that you want to apply for (make sure online application is prefered for that job posting)

Step 4 : Now go to the Job center section, here you will see all the jobs you have applied for, here you can select the CV you want to submit for each job application. Once you have selected the resume you want then just click on ” update Attach Resume ” button. That’s it you’re done. 

You will be notified when the employer has received your application and if your successful or not.